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    Serving you and the electorate since 1971, so you can vote for someone that best represents you.

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    Kyle O'Donnell, Chair

    $17.76 Monthly Donor. Our primary goal as a political party is to run candidates who are registered to vote as Libertarian. We stand the best chance of winning with local, non-partisan, and municipal races and have elected a candidate to public office. We also do well with Gubernatorial and Presidential candidates, which offer exciting options for the electorate. We will continue to achieve 1 to 5% of the vote for governor or president to maintain ballot access for down ballot candidates.


    O'Donnell loves the outdoors, waterfowl, and feels at home in rural America. Kyle and his partner Tom (also a Libertarain) enjoy raising chickens and cooking country food together. Kyle's top three political topics are balanced budgets, providing quality basic infrustructure, and social freedom to allow everyone to live their own conception of the good life.


    During the work week, O'Donnell manages a finance team and 26-million-dollar budget for 100+ coworkers across five counties on the Eastern Shore. In his spare time, he enjoys classic cinema, travel, bourbon and peated Scotch, and being with family.

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    Alex Schlegal, Vice-Chair

    $17.76 monthly donor. Millitary Veteran. Master welder. Teacher. Passionate supporter of the right to keep and bear arms in self defense.

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    Travis Lerol, Treasurer

    Travis Lerol grew up in rural MN, and attended Mesabi Range Community College, graduating with honors, before attending UofMN-Duluth. After 9-11, he chose to enlist in the air force, qualifying as a software developer and stationed here at Fort Meade, MD. He's lived in central MD ever since, and currently resides in his home in Pasadena with his partner, Lexi, their two hedgehogs, Salt and Pepper, and their two rabbits, Garnet and Tater, where he gardens (mostly for the rabbits) and works on improving the house (mostly hindered by the rabbits). While he has also run a small business and served in the reserves, Travis presently works as a defense contractor.


    Travis has previously been active in pro-2A rallies, speaking against proposed gun control acts here in MD, and has been interviewed by a number of local papers for his 3d printing in support of home gunsmithing rights. Lerol has has concerns about mandates, lockdowns, and general loss of freedoms.


    Last election cycle, Lerol ran for state house represenatitve with 8,509 people voting for Travis (33% of the way towards willing a seat).


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    Anastasia Pyzik, Secretary

    Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Recreation Therapist & Recreation Enthusiast. Coach. Cousin. Niece. Friend. Athlete. Fan of ice puck and sports ball. Hype Girl. Secretary of the LPMD. Lover of fun and laughter. Student of history. Stuck in the wrong time period. Forever quoting the Golden Girls. Aspiring Trad Wife.


    Libertarian Origin Story: Always leaned/thought “right/conservative” but during COVID and my “canceling” after wanting to name a women’s ice hockey team the “Mason-Dixon Misfits,” went to my first Libertarian Party county meeting in June of 2021, and never looked back. 1A/2A Absolutist. Repeal the 19th Amendment. And wishes she could keep the money she earned to donate to causes she deems worthy.

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    Brian Kunkoski II

    Grillmaster, father, husband, and super volunteer. Kunkoski ran for Maryland House rep with 12,318 people casting their ballot for him. That's over halfway to representative his voters in Annapolis.

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    Stuart Simms

    Stuart Simms was born ~12 years BC (Before Capitals) and raised without ice hockey in Montgomery County. He enjoyed his friends, sports, and poker far more than his studies. A trendsetter, he took a fateful gap year between high school and the UMCP where he met his future wife, Laura, at freshman orientation. He is a Husband, Father of 2 and Grandfather of 5.


    His journey to the Libertarian Party began with a decision to start refereeing ice hockey in 1989. This trained him to be objective. In 1992, he decided to take his vote seriously, listened to the candidates, decided Mr. Clinton was a prevaricator, investigated what else he was being lied to about and realized it was pretty much everything. He then found the LP and cast a vote for the LP ticket of Andre Marrou and Nancy Lord. By the Spring of 1993 he had joined the LP and is a life member of the MDLP.


    With Dr. Scott Becker he co-founded Marylanders for Democracy and in the 1990s he successfully lobbied and testified in Annapolis to reduce the onerous ballot access requirements for minor parties and independent candidates that existed in Maryland at the time.


    Stuart is now in his third stint on the EB and has hosted LP parties as well as organizing conventions in the past for the Maryland party. Additionally, he has served as an uncommitted delegate to the national convention many times preferring to listen with an open mind to all candidates before deciding for whom to vote.


    Anastasia Pyzik thinks that he’s the best referee she’s ever seen, but that won’t keep her out of the sin bin.

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    Scott Gearhart

    Bio coming soon.

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