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    Our Biggest Event of the Year!

    Join us for the Spring Convention of the Libertarian Party of Maryland on Saturday, April 20th, 2024, in the events room at Cult Classic Brewing in Stevensville just over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.


    1169 Shopping Center Rd

    Stevensville, MD 21666

  • Guest Speakers

    Morning, lunch, and closing. Stay around after convention ends to talk with them at the bar.

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    Dr. Lepore

    Amy researches and writes about federalism and disaster management. Past President of the Maryland Emergency Management Association. Host of the LPMD Crab Feast. Experienced from LP Delaware.


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    Dan Smotz

    Smotz hosts "The System is Down" Podcast, is active in the Libertarain space on X, and does a great job interviewing Libertarian presidential candidates. Skilled videographer and editor.

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    Clint Russell

    Clint Russell is the host of Liberty Lockdown with 125,000 followers on X. He was an entrepreneur and real estate investor that retired in his mid-30’s to dedicate himself to speaking out against the lockdowns and the rapidly increasing loss of liberty in America.

  • Book Tickets

    While anyone can attend convention, to be a voting member at convention, you need to be a Maryland Resident, registered to vote as Libertarian, be a dues paying member, and ask to join the central committee (the deliberative body for the party that meets at covnention). Dues is defined as someone who donates $25 to the Libertarian Party of Maryland within the past 365 days or is a recurring donor that's donated at least $25. We'd really appreciate it if you donate dues in addition to your convention ticket.


    Basic Convention Ticket: $60, includes breakfast snacks and lunch


    Gold Convention Ticket $100, includes the above + donor appreciation dinner the night before at a Ram's Head Shorehouse. Limited to 25 tickets. The party will buy one entree per person and non-alcoholic drinks. Alcohol, appatizers, and desert are on your own tab. Please drink responsibly.


    $17.76 Event Pass: Sign up in good faith as a $17.76 monthly donor and enjoy a gold ticket to every event we host.


    Free tier option: if you are experiencing financial hardship and the convention ticket price would prevent you from attending and voting, please make your minimum annual dues donation, email the chiar, and ask for a ticket to be set aside for you at the check-in booth. chair@lpmaryland.org


  • Convention Agenda

    8:30 AM Setup

    8:30 AM Early Bird

    • Doors open, credentialing starts, breakfast begins (fruit and yogurt, biscuits, donuts, bagels for 30 people)
    • Libertarian Presidential Candidate Forum livestreamed from LPKS.

    10:30 AM Convention Starts

    • Central Committee Meeting Call to Order, Credentials committee report, approve agenda, approve minutes.
    • Basic explination of Sturgis's Standard Code of Parlimentary Procedure
    • Election of National Convention Delegates, 21 seats, candidates queue for 1-minute elevator pitch on stage, paper ballots, Ranked-choice vote, bins are created for each candidate. Credentialing committee counts votes
    • NOTE: Delegates to the national convention shall be selected at a state convention. Selection shall be by the semi-negotiable vote method used for electing the Executive Board (adjusted for the number of delegate slots available), except that in the event that the number of nominees is less than or equal to the number of delegate slots available the State Central Committee may, by a 3/5 vote of those present and voting, vote to send all nominees as delegates.
    • Breakfast sponsor speaks, if any
    • Guest Speaker Dr. Amy LePore
    • Announce Delegate Winners. Pass out forms for alternate delegates.
    • NOTE: Any member of the State Central Committee may also become an alternate [delegate to national convention] by petition signed by four other members of the State Central Committee submitted to the secretary or another Executive Board member at a state convention. A delegate temporarily off the floor may select her own replacement (or none). A delegate permanently off the floor shall be replaced by a vote of the delegation.
    • Lunch sponsor speaks, if any

    12:00 PM Lunch

    • Taco Well with chicken and beef (60 people) sauteed bell peppers and onions, Hatch Chili Queso a delectable and creamy Tex-Mex delight, an earthy and smoky journey, Taco Salad Bar, tortilla bowls and all the toppings you can imagine to create perfection, fruit tray, vegetable tray. (For more vegetarian options, check out Four Sisters Pakistani restaurant in the same shopping center).
    • Guest speaker Dan Smotz Live Podcast on Stage during lunch. Ends at 1:30 PM

    1:30 PM

    • Chair Report, Treasurer Report, Committee Report, County Coordinators report
    • Nominate coordinators for counties where we currently do not have a presence.

    1:45 PM

    • James Cook, Mayor of Rock Hall, 2-5 minutes
    • Mike Scott, Candidate for US Senate, 2-5 minutes
    • Nomination of candidates for public office, up 2-5 minutes each.
    • Bylaws and Constitutional changes
    • Nomination of chair, 2-5 minute, Q&A, print ballots, RCV, count ballots.
    • Nomination of Executive Board, 2 minutes/EA

    3:00 PM Guest Speaker Clint Russell

    4:00 PM Adjourn