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    Early Voting Begins - Thursday, October 24, 2024, 7AM to 8PM

    Early Voting Ends - Thursday, October 31, 2024, 7AM to 8PM

    General Election - Tuesday, November 5, 2024 7AM to 8PM

    More detail: https://elections.maryland.gov/elections/2024/index.html

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    James Cook, Mayor of Rock Hall

    Currently elected to office and serving the residents of his town.

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    Chase Oliver, President

    Dubbed “…the most influential Libertarian in America…” by Rolling Stone, Oliver is a champion of the rights of the individual against the growing power of the state. He began his political activism opposing the War in Iraq under George Bush, aligning with the Libertarian Party since 2010.


    In 2020 he ran for Congress in Georgia’s 5th district. In 2022, he ran for US Senate, debating incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock on stage. He received 81,365 votes. Oliver was widely credited with causing the runoff election in Georgia. Oliver advocates the adoption of Ranked Choice Voting to avoid future runoffs.


    Campaign Platofrm: https://www.votechaseoliver.com/platform

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    Mike Scott, US Senate Candidate

    "Congress has a 15% approval rating and they get re-elected 95% of the time. Individual Representatives and Senators have sold us out. The Senate is compromised and AMERICA needs real leadership. If you see something THIS IMPORTANT that needs fixing, and you have the capability to make fix it. You have no choice but to step up."


    "I’m not a politician. Politicians are the worst part of politics. We need real Americans willing to do the work. I have extensive experience in federal service, both military and civilian."






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    Joshua O'Brien, US House Rep, District 1

    With 10 years of service in volunteer and paid fire department/ EMS systems, I have had the amazing opportunity to server the citizens of both Harford and Cecil county. In that time I have had the privilege meet people from all walks of life and help them. I decide to run for congress to be able to continue helping those same people and more.



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    Miguel Barajas, US House Rep, District 3



     I am Miguel Barajas, and I am running for the United States House of Representatives to serve the people of Maryland's 3rd district. I believe that our federal government has drifted far from its constitutionally prescribed role, infringing upon individual liberties and hindering the ability of states and local communities to govern effectively. As a veteran of the U.S. military, I have witnessed firsthand the consequences of an overreaching, bureaucratic federal government that stifles economic growth, personal freedom, and local decision-making. Though I have retired from active duty, I feel a deep sense of duty to continue serving my country by fighting for the bold reforms necessary to realize America's full potential.


    The Constitution is clear on the limited powers of the federal government: establishing justice, ensuring domestic tranquility, providing for the common defense, promoting the general welfare, and securing the blessings of liberty. However, today's federal government has grown to a size and scope far beyond what is necessary to fulfill these vital functions. The result is a bloated, intrusive leviathan that micromanages nearly every aspect of our lives while burdening future generations with unsustainable debt. This status quo is not only unconstitutional but also detrimental to the very fabric of our society.


    I am running for Congress because I believe it is time for a seismic shift in how we approach governance in the United States. My campaign is founded upon the principle of subsidiarity – the idea that decisions should be made at the lowest level possible, closest to the people impacted. By dramatically reducing the size and scope of the federal government and returning power to states and local communities, we can reignite the flames of self-governance, personal responsibility, and individual liberty that have always been the bedrock of the American experience.


    I envision an America where individuals are truly free – free to keep more of their hard-earned income without oppressive taxation, free to start and grow businesses without suffocating regulations, and free to live according to their own values and beliefs. By re-empowering local communities and encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, we can create a society of unparalleled opportunity, prosperity, and social harmony.


    Throughout my military career, I have taken a solemn oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I have seen that a government's legitimacy stems from its ability to protect individual rights, not infringe upon them. Now, I ask for the chance to continue fulfilling that sacred duty by representing you in Congress.


    America stands at a crossroads, facing challenges that demand principled leadership and a willingness to disrupt the status quo. If elected, I will work tirelessly to restore fiscal sanity to Washington, eliminate burdensome regulations, and champion policies that unleash the boundless potential of the American people. Together, we can chart a new course – one that leads to a future of greater freedom, prosperity, and limitless opportunity for all.


    I believe that the solutions to America's greatest challenges will not come from Washington but from the ingenuity and grit of its citizens. By restoring power to the people and rekindling the spirit of self-reliance that built this nation, we can usher in a new era of American exceptionalism.


    I am running for Congress not to be just another politician but to be a true servant-leader dedicated to restoring the principles of limited government, individual liberty, and local control. I humbly ask for your vote, your trust, and your partnership in this fight for the soul of our nation. Together, let us renew the promise of America and secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity. Because I believe that America's brightest days still lie ahead – if we have the courage to seize them.


    I am Miguel Barajas, and I am ready to serve.

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